Dianthus Dwarf Vienna - Pack of FOUR Fragrant Carnation Plants

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These Fragrant Carnations (Dianthus) - are a garden favourite that you'll also find in the florist, and even in the Kitchen!

Produces sweetly scented flowers, all summer long

Neat cushions of slender silvery grey-green foliage

Easy-to-grow and quick-to-establish

Suitable for gardens, patios and scented gardens

Fantastically Fragrant, low growing Plants

Frost Hardy and Evergreen

Drought Resistant in Summer once established

Perfect for garden beds and borders of in a planter as a conversation piece on their own.

Fine glaucous grey-green-silvery foliage

Flowers in a wide range of assorted colours

These classic fragrant Carnations are a cottage garden favourite and deservedly so. 'Vienna' represents the best of all the colours available, varieties that have stood the test of time for many years, and become gardeners’ favourites the world over - with that irresistible old-fashioned fragrance it's not hard to see why!

Their wonderful clove-fragranced blooms make the prettiest of displays in the garden and they will flower throughout the summer months. The plants will form lovely dense clumps of evergreen foliage that will provide great ground cover with a succession of beautiful fragrant blooms rising up above the leavesto show themselves off. 

Ideal for a sunny bed or border, these easy to grow plants will establish and thrive quickly to provide perfect supplies of blooms for cutting at the stem and bringing indoors to create the most beautiful displays in vases too – or given as a bunch to friends and family.

In the Kitchen, culinary uses for Dianthus flowers range from use as a flavouring for soft drinks, cocktails and wine to creating simple syrups for flavouring puddings and ice cream, adding to butter, vinegar and even cakes. The blooms can also be candied, pickled, added to salads, desserts, and as edible garnishes.

They can of course be left to enjoy in the garden.

Pack of FOUR Plants in assorted colours in approx. 9cm pots. 

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 15.99, today just 3.99 - Save £12!