Dracaena Burley - Circa 90cms

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Dracaena Burley is a stunning houseplant with contrasting stripes of bright and dark green on long, wide leaves. This is a great plant to add some greenery to a home or office and can create an interesting focal point in a room without taking up too much space. A benefit of growing this plant in your home is that it purifies the air, filtering airborne toxins.

It is quite easy to take care of a Dracaena Burley. It prefers bright, indirect light but will still grow well in partial shade. It also does well under fluorescent lighting making it perfect for office spaces with limited windows. Water when the top few inches of the soil have dried out and make sure it is able to drain well.

Supplied at around 80-90cms tall in an approx 5 litre container.

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