Echinacea purpurea White Meditation - Cone Flower Plants

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Herbaceous perennial forming clumps of upright plants reaching fifty centimetres in height and spread over the spring and summer before dying back in autumn

This plant has dark green leaves that are narrow in nature, from summer to autumn, large white flowers with reflex petals and a central cone with yellow orange colour that darken to bronze with age appear in many numbers across the top of the plant. Dead head flowers to encourage further flowering throughout the summer.

Echinacea need a good draining soil, loamy, sandy or chalk, avoid heavy clays, it is content to grow in sun or partial shade and thrives in a south or west aspect.

This is a classic Herbaceous border plant and looks very at home in a cottage garden setting. It’s also good border plant for a small-town garden. Cut back a hard and mulch in early spring and water I periods of excessive dry weather.

Supplied in a 2 litre container.

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