English Yew Topiary Ball - Taxus baccata - Medium

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English Yew is an excellent choice for topiary. It has dark-green, needle like foliage that is easily clipped to shape.

Yew is one of the longest lived trees in Europe and very easy to grow too, making it an ideal choice if you're looking for alternatives to the traditional topiary plant choices such as buxus. If planted correctly, Yew can be sure to last for many, many years to come. A slow growing, evergreen conifer whose foliage provides an excellent backdrop to a herbaceous perennials and grasses for example.

Easy to grow and care for, it will thrive in full sun or shade and a wide range of soil types and conditions. Just be sure to keep it moist whilst it establishes and do not let it become too waterlogged. Trim regularly to maintain the rotund shape of this ball.

Strong plants supplied with a ball diameter of around 30-35cm.

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