Evergreen Hebe Mini Mix - Pack of FIVE

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This fantastic collection of hardy evergreen Hebes will add a variety of lovely colours and textures to your garden all year round!

Featuring FIVE superb hardy varieties.

Hebes are the ultimate foliage plant.

Uniform, compact and colourful are all words that best describe these wonderful evergreen shrubs. They keep their spectacular foliage all year, giving you interest from the first day of the year to the last.

Named after the Greek Goddess of youth Hebes will add a breath of fresh air to any garden.

Hebes are loved for their low-growing domes of densely packed leaves and are excellent at providing contrast and texture in a border as well as in patio containers.

Hebes are virtually maintenance free shrubs, fully frost hardy and tolerant of drought, shade, sun and poor soil, and very slow growing, meaning you can plant them pretty much anywhere and just leave them to their own devices!

All Hebes in this collection beautifully complement each other and are supplied as strong healthy plants in approx. 9cm containers, simply plant and stand back.

Each collection is specially selected to give a variety of foliage, colours, shapes and textures and is picked from a full range of varieties, it is a 'lucky dip' selection, so please note we can not fulfil requests for specific varieties, but all plants we select for your order will be beautiful.