Rosemary 'Christmas Tree' Pyramid - Fragrant Rosmarinus officinalis

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Here's something completely different, and absolutely lovely - a fragrant Rosemary as a lovely pyramidal form - essentially a mini Rosemary 'Christmas Tree'


These aromatic little trees really are something different, and would make a great additon to the home for use in your culinary creations, or perhaps add to a patio planter, balcony windowbox or even a herb garden border.


They have been carefully grown and natured, and pruned to perfection, so they really do look the part. Fully hardy, this Rosemary can be located outside in spring, where it will grow out to flower beautifully. After blooming, prune back to shape, it will grow fresh fragrant foliage that can be kept closely clipped, and you can then bring in for use again through the winter and repeat the cycle of having handy fresh Rosemary all winter if you wish.


Supplied at an overall height of around 45cms tall inclusive of it's approx 1.5 litre nursery container.