Fuchsia Brutus - Hardy Purple & Red Fuchsia

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This hardy fuchsia looks amazing in perennial planting schemes with its bright abundant flowers and deep green foliage! Flowering from June to September in a combination of deep violet and crimson to make a stunning display. ‘Brutus’ grows up to 50cms in height and has dense, green deciduous leaves. A popular choice for UK bedding schemes fuchsias are versatile and low maintenance, however we would also recommend ‘Brutus’ as a solitary patio or terrace plant due to its striking colours.

An adaptable shrub it is best placed in partial shade but can cope with almost any level of sunshine. It Will do best planted in moist but well-drained soil and in a sheltered spot, but ‘Brutus’ can also tolerate a winter freeze when planted out in your beds and borders. Supplied in approx 9cm containers.