Gorgeous Grass - Pack of TEN Amazing Ornamental Grasses

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A fantastic selection of grasses, specially selected for being seasonally attractive through out the year - be it the cooler months, or equally as contemporary value for the summer period.

Ideal for adding a spot of interest to patio planters, baskets and window boxes. They can of course simply be planted out in the garden where they will grow to nicely sized plants for garden borders or gravel gardens.

Try under planting with dwarf spring bulbs, such as crocus, for extra interest in spring time, or surround with seasonal flowering bedding plants perhaps.

Excellent for mixing in with herbaceous perennials, foliage plants, flowers and meadow or prairie schemes. Provides year round colour and contrast in the garden, and they look lovely with virtually all other plants, great for Jungle and Tropical plantings too!

One plant of ten different, contrasting varieties, selected by us. Great for planting together in a group as a special feature in your garden. Each plants supplied in an approx 1-2 Litre container. An outstanding value way of adding grasses to your garden.

Just some of the great varieties of grasses available:

Imperata Red Barron - Japanese Blood grass

Miscanthus Zebrinus - Zebra Grass

Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light - Silver Grass

Carex Evergold - Variegated Sedge

Ophiopogon nigrascens - Black Grass

Festuca Elijah Blue - Blue Fescue

Pennisetum Purpureum - Purple Fountain Grass

Stipa gigantea - Golden Oat Grass

Stipa tenuifolia - tenuissima Pheasant Grass

Helictotrichon - Blue Oat Grass

Juncus spirilis - Corkscrew Rush

Carex Dark Horse - Bronze Sedge

Luzula sylvatica Aurea - Golden Woodrush

Elymus magellanicus - Blue Wheat Grass

Pennisetum alopecuroides Hameln - Fountain Grass

Juncus effusus Spirilis - Corkscrew Rush

Carex morrowii Variegata - Japanese Sedge

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 79.99, today just 29.99 - Save £50!