Ficus Alii - Large Indoor Ficus Houseplant - 135cm Specimen

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This is a lovely variety of ornamental Ficus, also known as the indoor fig, with unusual long graceful leaves. It's a great choice for the home or office, making an elegant specimen for a bright room. Newly unfurling leave are a peach colour with reddish stems, providing extra interest to this lovely plant. This plant will do best in a room that receives plenty of bright indirect light or bright shade or even a small amount of direct sunshine. It is easy to keep, need just average warmth provided in any home, and it can take low temperatures such as a cold unheated conservatory receives in winter provided it remains frost free. For the best performance, water regularly in the growing season, but leave the plant to dry out slightly first. Feeding with a special house plant fertiliser is recommended to keep the plants looking at their best. These graceful plants are supplied at around 135cms tall, and are of excellent quality, far better value than anything you're likely to find else where online or at any garden centre.