Yucca elephantipes - Large Specimen Indoor Yucca Tree - 130-150cm

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Brighten up any room in your home with this large Yucca Houseplant. Yucca trees are a classic houseplant, well known and easy to care for. They tolerate full sun and thrive on a minimum amount of care. Large and branched specimens such as ours are not easy to get hold of, but really do make a fantastic specimen plant for a well lit room or conservatory.

Yuccas are happy providing the temperature never drops below freezing, and can take a cool room, they can even be grown outside in the summer months. The more you water in summer, the faster your yucca tree will grow. It is important to to let the plant dry out before watering each time, especially in winter, when it will be best to keep this plant on the dry side.

For best results and colour provide house plant feed regularly. Supplied as a large multi-trunked plant at around 130-150cms tall. Each of the 3 trunks growing in the pot are single trees grown together to create a multi layered stylish look, providing a stunning appearance when the tree is displayed. Yuccas have a very upright clean look and can be used in a contemporary setting or will fit in perfectly with traditional decor. They make a great low maintenance office plant too.