Fatal Attraction - Venus Fly Trap & Pitcher Plants - Pair of Insect Eating Plants

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This is a very smart gift pack that is ready to go, making an intriguing present for young and old alike. Like many of our plants, this is perhaps ideal for some one who has everything. The pack features two different Insect Eating Carnivore Plants, 1 x Venus Fly Trap, and 1 x Pitcher Plant each delivered securely in their own 'mini-greenhouse' - ready to simply unpack, position in a bright spot and enjoy. These plants have an appetite for bugs and insects and will be ready to catch and digest any pesky flies and bugs the dare to venture close by! The well known Venus Flytrap is a small plant that catches and digests insects and spiders. The plant's leaves have traps on the ends that contain tiny hairs, these trigger the trap to close when an insect comes close. The trapping mechanism is so specialised that it can distinguish between living prey and non-prey touching it, such as falling raindrops. The lovely carnivorous pitcher plant will actually eat flies and other insects too. The trumpets have a type of juice in the base that attracts insects, and this then digests them as food for the plant when they die there. You can also give them a dead fly now and then as a special treat! A very intriguing plant indeed! These exciting and unusual plants make a great gift. Pack of TWO Insect Eating Plants 1 x Venus Fly Trap & 1 x Pitcher Plant