Hardy Box-leaved Hedging - Ilex crenata Green Hedge Plants - Pack of Six

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For those that do not have success with Buxus hedging in their garden, or fancy something a little different, this trouble free, evergreen alternative could be just the thing!

With the appearance of the familiar Buxus sempervirens, Ilex crenata is a form of box-leaved Japanese Holly that creates an attractive green hedge with a very similar aesthetic to Box hedging - the foliage is small, glossy and dense habit, which really lends it to making a wonderful low hedge that looks good all year round. Japanese Holly hedging is a hardy, low maintenance plant that is becoming increasingly popular, thriving in a multitude of growing conditions, it is of course nothing like the well known festive English Holly in either growth or appearance!

We supply these plants in packs of 6 bushy plants, at around 15cms (5-6 inches) tall. They will establish quickly to form a lovely dense, dark green hedge.

We recommend a planting distance of approximately 15cms (6 inches) between each plant (that's 6 plants per metre), so you'll have your very own knot garden or path edging perhaps in no time at all. Tray of 6 high quality module grown plants - these are amazing value.


If you like the sounds of these, but are looking for something a little larger, we also have them in a larger size - click here.

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