Hedera helix Ice Cream

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Hedera Ice Cream is a very unusual, slow growing shrub, that is perfect for landscaping and ground cover purposes, particularly as it is fully evergreen, so will retain its brightly variegated foliage all year round. The main attraction is the heavily variegated cream and green leaves, and that it is compact and shrubby in nature unlike most other ivy's that climb.

If you have a difficult area that you need to cover this could be the ideal choice, it is a tough and very forgiving plant, but will not overtake and get out of hand, reach just 60-80cm (2-3 ft) over a ten year period, or it is easy to clip and maintain as a shorter lower groundcover if you so desire. Hedera helix 'Ice Cream' can also be grown as an unusual container plant, and looks great contrasted with other plants such as the red hued Nandina domestica Firepower. Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.