Holboellia latifolia - Evergreen Sausage Vine - circa 140-170cm

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If you need a low-maintenance, fast growing, fragrant climber than this is the plant for you. Astonishinbgly hardy, this unusual evergreen blooms in Spring and offers variously coloured flowers with the male flowers a cool toned greenish-white (appearing on 2yr old wood) and the female flowers (appearing on fresh growth) a beautiful reddish-purple.

It is evergreen so will provide lovely green foliage all year round and the new leaf growth is an attractive purple-bronze. We recommend planting this climber at the back of a border against a fence or wall as it will compliment other plants shining colour and fragrance throughout your garden.

This is a versatile climber that will grow in full-shade, full-sun, or partial shade, it will thrive planted in moist well-drained soil given a support such as a fence or wall to provide shelter from cold winds.

The beautiful blooms exude the most amazing fragrance and they will cover the plant in abundance once established, after the blooms fade, you'll often also get sausage shaped purple fruits, hence the common name - these themselves are highly ornamental, however, they're also edible, with white pulp and black seeds. Indeed they are treated as a highly palatable treat in the Himalayers - perfect if you have a penchant for a taste of the unusual - perhaps we should be growing this plant for the fruit alone.

Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers.