Humulus lupulus - Common Hop

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A climbing plant that is steeped in the culture of the United Kingdom. This perennial herbaceous plant has been a crucial ingredient for our beloved Ales for many centuries meaning it is weaved its way into all things British, including our art and poetry as well as our pubs.

It is a vigorous climber, reaching up to eight metres if given the support of a trellis or Vine eyes and wires.

Its dark green lobed leaves will be perfect as a backdrop for other garden plantings. As summer sets green-yellow flowers are produced in clusters at the tips of the shoots, these are followed by the famous cone shaped hops.

Like all herbaceous plants, the Hop dies back to underground Rhizome roots for winter, using the soil for protection from the cold before sprouting again in spring.

Cut back any dead foliage in late winter and mulch with compost. In nature Hops grow on woodland edges and hedgerows so can grow in both sun and dappled shade but require a fertile free draining soil.

A magical plant in its own right it’s great for cottage or woodland gardens styles or on a wall in a courtyard setting.

Supplied in approx. 2 Litre nursery containers.