Hydrangea Little XS Collection - FOUR PLANTS - Blue, Pink, Purple & White - Compact Mophead Hydrangeas

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Introducing Little XS Hydrangeas - XS for extra small - perfect if you love Hydrangeas but are tight on space or want something for the patio - This Hydrangea will grow no taller than 60cms in 5 years, without any pruning needed, being naturally compact and restrained in growth.

If you believe good things come in small packages, then the seductive Little XS is for you - petite, tiny and perfectly formed - don't be deceived by the innocent looks - little XS is a hedonistic diva that likes to live life to XS! She may be small, but she'll tease you early in the year with tantalising fresh green foliage, before showing a hint of bud and the shape of things to come, then, all of a sudden without warning Little XS will quickly flash and show her true colours, flaunting her stuff for all to see with blousy ample blooms for weeks on end, just as striking and showy as the bigger hydrangeas but held on the petite frame of little XS - she want's to be noticed!

Will you find room for her and her colourful sisters in your garden?

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.