Hydrangea macrophylla 'Magical Candy Rock' - Large Flowered Mophead Hydrangea

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This Large Flowered Hydrangea has to be one of the finest mopheads available, seldom offered, as the florist and cut flower trade have often kept it a closely guarded secret to themselves.

It will form a deciduous, hardy shrub with large, pink-red flowers in mid summer, each florets have a paler centre creating a glowing effect to the blooms. It grows well in partial shade and sun and will be a lovely addition to the garden or patio, reaching around 70-90cms tall and wide.

Strong plants are supplied in approx 5-7.5 litre containers. Our XXL Heavy Grade Plants are really strong and robust, multi-branched and likely to produce at least 30 big heads of flowers next season.