GIANT PINK MOPHEAD Hydrangea macrophylla Verana - Large Flowered Mophead Hydrangea - XXXL Plants

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Wow! These plants are monsters, and can be expected to throw out up to 30 strong flower heads during their first flowering season in your garden.

A wonderful Hydrangea variety with huge flowers, often found in high class florist bouquets, it has really massive blooms.

Supplied as powerful well established plants in approx 10 litre containers, these are larger plants, and great value for a specimen of this size and age. Cut to near ground level over winter each year, and they will then throw up masses of strong new stems and big blooms each summer. Our plants are very strong and ready to grow away with vigour.

Hydrangeas put on good amounts of healthy growth each year and quickly establish, and produce massive, bright flower clusters even when planted in a dull, shady spot. You can also use them as cut or dried flowers too.

This large flowered mop head variety has huge blooms, up to the size of a football when fully established and these literally cover the plant all summer, before fading to an attractive burgundy shade.

Our special Hydrangeas are guaranteed chunky healthy plants, that will flower well all summer and in to early Autumn.

Looking beautiful in summer, these are supplied as XXXL chunky plants in approx 10 litre containers, simply Plant and stand back! Use in beds and borders or patio planters. Like all our hardy plants, this is covered by our 5 year guarantee.

Supplied in approx 10 litre containers