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An elegant deciduous shrub that is loved for its stunning white flowers that appear in late summer. These flowers are large conical shaped blooms that are produced at the apex of the shoots. They start off as a Lime green colour, turning to pure white then on to pale pink come the end of the summer. They dry on the plant and look excellent throughout the winter, they are very popular as a dried cut flower. The dark green ovate leaves set off these flowers perfectly and they also provide some good autumn colour as the growing summer ends, making this plant a real seasonal personality.

Hydrangeas like a fertile well-draining soil so a good organic mulch each spring will be beneficial. Prune back hard in early spring to encourage the growth that will produce the flowers later in the summer.

Polar bear Hydrangeas can reach over two metres in height and spread if left unprunned, they are happy in sun or partial shade, making them great for a woodland style planting or a mixed border.

Supplied in approx. 3 litre nursery containers.

WINTER SALE - Usually 17.99, today just 12.99 - Save £5!

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