Hydrangea petiolaris - Climbing Hydrangea - Extra Large 6-8ft Plant

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Easy to grow Climbing Hydrangea Plant

Free flowering with masses of lacy white flower heads

Thrives even in a shady inhospitable spot

Perfect for climbing up fences and walls

Lovely fresh green foliage turning butter yellow in autumn

These easy to grow climbing hydrangeas really are a star plant in the garden. They will thrive even in a shady spot and troublesome areas with a northern aspect - these are a climber that will grow where many others fail - but of course they need not be confined to these awkward spots, they are a beautiful plant suitable for many different garden situations, and will look very effective on any fence, arbour or pergola.

Clinging by aerial roots to a fence or wall, it will romp along once established to cover with its almost heart-shaped, fresh green leaves. These turn a buttery shade of yellow in autumn adding an extra dimension of interest. Of course, the main attraction are the masses of showy, lacy, white flowerheads that appear from late spring and early summer.

180-220cm well established extra large climbing hydrangea, supplied in approx. 15-20 litre containers, very strong plants.

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