Ilex Blue Prince - Male Holly Tree

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If you have female holly that fails to produce berries, the bees are not working hard enough and you need one of these close by. Normally friendly pollinators ensure pollination and product of berries from neighbouring gardens - but this tree will ensure there are no problems for you lady holly trees in producing berries.

Blue Prince is a sought after male variety, it will carry small white flowers, but never berries. It's still good to create a Christmas feeling if displayed in a prominent position, thanks to the unmistakable holly foliage - only thing is, this isn't sharp and prinkly but much softer on the edges. 

Supplied as pictured, at 70-100cms tall, this beautiful Holly tree has lovely dark green foliage, and will mature in to a sturdy tree perfect for any seasonal patio or garden displays. One male Blue Prince holly tree will ensure the best pollination and plenty of berries in future seasons on several females.