Kaffir Lime Tree Plant - Citrus hystrix

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The cornerstone of oriental cooking, wait until you taste the difference between shop bought leaves and those you've picked fresh from your own tree - you won't go back to shop bought!

The Kaffir lime tree - Citrus hystrix - is commonly grown for use in Asian, in particular, Thai cuisine. While this dwarf citrus tree may reach up to 150cms (5 feet tall), it can easily be kept as a small bush for continual cropping of leaves. The Kaffir Lime can be grown outdoors in the summer months, but it is best suited for indoors, although in summer it would benefit from spending time out of doors in a well drained container placed on a patio or deck, but bought back under cover before the first frosts of winter.

The glossy, dark green leaves of the Kaffir lime tree are quite distinctive. Kaffir lime leaves look like two leaves joined together, as one appears to grow from the tip of the other. Kaffir lime leaves are most often used as an essential ingredient for flavouring many Asian dishes such as soups, curries and fish.

They can be used fresh off the tree or from dried leaves. Kaffir lime leaves can also be frozen to retain their freshness. Picking the leaves every few weeks may help encourage growth. Crushing Kaffir lime leaves will release their fragrant oils, which emit an intense citrus aroma. Mature plants may also produce fruit.

Strong bushy plants supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers.