Kiwi Fruit Vine - Actinidia deliciosa 'Jenny' - Self Fertile Kiwi

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Jenny is an easy to grow kiwi fruit vine that is self-fertile and produces good crops of Kiwi Fruit right here in the UK. Unlike varieties of the past, you do not need to plant several vines to guarantee fruit, so it's a real advantage if you want guaranteed cropping ability, but only have limited space enough to grow one plant.

Each year your Kiwi will produce heavier crops as it becomes more established - imagine picking your own sweet, juicy, healthy fruit from your own garden. Simply keep well watered in dry weather, and whilst your vine establishes and each year summer blossoms will be followed by fruits in the autumn.

Tried and tested, 'Jenny' in reliably one of the best varieties for UK gardens. Kiwis will do best in a bright sunny position trained against a south or south westerly facing fence or wall, although we have found them very tolerant of other positions too - so well worth a try if you've got the perfect aspect. The fruits usually start in the second or third year after planting, with heavy crops each year thereafter. The vigorous vines will reach 3 metre if left unprunned, but they are easily maintained and trained if you are tight on space.

Get ready for your own juicy, fresh fruit, and picking Vitamin C from your own garden! 

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.

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