Large 80-100cms Citrus Tree - ORANGE - for tasty fresh fruit and Juice

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The amazing orangery at the gardens of Versailles, with more than 1,000 perfectly kept potted plants, might be the world's most famous showcase of citrus trees, indoors and out. But you don't need to be Louis XIV or have nearly as grand a setup to grow, display and even harvest citrus at home.

Like the plants at Versailles, your citrus tree can grow in a container, thriving indoors during cold-weather months before basking outside in spring and summer. They are perfect for patios, and make an unusual talking point.

Imagine picking your own Oranges and making your own freshly squeezed juice for breakfast from your own tree! Perhaps Marmalade is more your thing, and you could knock up a few jars from your own fruit for family and friends! In some locations in the UK oranges can even grow outdoors all year round.

Although we would always recommend bringing them in for winter, we know of Citrus Trees in London the are growing and fruiting all year round out of doors - which makes a truly unusual sight.

Our lovely Citrus trees flower and fruit readily and are not difficult to grow, preferring a minimum winter temperature of 40ºf/5ºc at night and a little higher by day. They are hardy in most parts of the UK (to -5°C), so although we recommend bringing in over winter, they can also be grown in a well drained pot in a sheltered spot outdoors!

They require plenty of light, and are great in a Conservatory. Deliciously fragrant white flowers are followed by good quality fruit. A compact, large shrub or small tree which is best grown in a pot where is can be placed in a frost-free place in winter, ideal to place outside in the summer months.

Our lovely trees are often festooned in fruit within a very short period of time. They are nice and bushy with an overall height of around 80-100cms. Stunning plants with glossy foliage, strongly scented white flowers and fruit in season.