Large 100cm Filigree Weeping Purple Acer - Japanese Maple Tree - dissectum Garnet

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This gorgeous fine-leaved selection of weeping Japanese Maple makes a fantastic feature or specimen plant. Never taller than a small tree, it is slow growing, and makes a superb focal point, with this clear stemmed standard form, the weeping habit of this variety is shown off to it's very best. Covered in lovely garnet-red feathered lacy foliage from early Spring that will darken to burgundy over the Summer, and then finally a riot of bright orange and red in the Autumn before it falls, this tree provides great garden interest and value for much of the year.

Try growing in a large planter or as a standard alone feature plant. It will also do really well in mixed borders, be it for a garden with a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional styled setting. Why not try this tree and add some lovely texture and colour to your garden that will perform year after year. Supplied as a grafted standard tree with a height of around 100cms