Large Bay Tree Pyramid - Laurus nobilis- Large 160cm Bay

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These traditionally grown Pyramidal Bay Trees make a fantastic structural evergreen additional to any garden or courtyard, perhaps even as a centre piece on a kitchen or herb garden pot, where you'd usually find a good bay tree being grown for the useful flavoursome foliage, that is utilised in all sorts of tasty dishes.

Excellent for flanking a set of steps, doorway or path they arrive ready to display and would also make a stunning, unusual, and definitely unexpected gift - ready for the lucky recipient to simply position and enjoy in planters of their choice.

You'll think of many different position in which to use these beautiful Bay tree Pyramids. The leaves are of course perfect to pick for use in the kitchen - much better than the dried version you may see in the shops.

Strong plants supplied with an overall height of around 160cms. If you buy more than one, we will of course endeavour to select closely matching specimens so they'll look balanced if you choose to display them together.

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