Lewisia Mountain Dream - Gorgeous Lewisia Plants in assorted colours

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This hardy plant will bring plenty of colour to any garden plus when in season our plants are usually blooming on delivery, or will in a matter of weeks. Lewisia are a rock plant that remains green and flowers even in poor conditions. It also flowers throughout the garden season from early spring until late into autumn. This makes it the ideal perennial in the garden or on your balcony. It will do well in virtually all soils provided it does not become too wet, and will positively thrive in often tricky free draining soils in full sun or partial shade.

Perfect used as a single plant in a pot or a few together in a planter or perfects try filling a large area with a mass planting for a dramatic lift of colour. In modern gardens in particular we often see larger areas that have a single plant species planted in them. Lewisia Mountain Dreams is excellent for this, making a powerful statement - the bright colours are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Every plant has its own unique colour in shades of white, yellow, orange to pink or red. Since you cannot always see beforehand what colour each plant is going to be, it is often a surprise when they start to flower and as the colours are so close to one another, there is a lovely natural progression of hues.

Supplied in approx 10.5 cm containers, bursting in to bud and flower in season.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 7.99, today just 3.99 - Save £4!

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