Loropetalum chinensis Black Pearl - Standard Chinese Witch Hazel Tree

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This evergreen Chinese Witch Hazel tree will give your garden great spring interest and provide you with stunning purple foliage all year round. The greatest attraction of this Loropetalum is its eye-catching, deep burgundy foliage, with young spring leaves gradually turning from a gorgeous dark green to unique shades of red and purple. From early spring it displays vibrant pink flowers that give off a sweet fragrance, brightening up any area. These medium sized standards look wonderful in patio or terrace containers but work just as well in a border adding colour and structure. 

It is important to place this in a bright spot as it thrives in full sun and can tolerate partial shade. Make sure to keep in a sheltered area protected from cold winds and it will establish in any soil type as long as it is well drained

Supplied in approx. 3-4 litre containers as a standard tree with a clear stem and head of foliage and branches.