Magnolia Black Tulip - RARE Deep Purple-Black Flowering Tulip Tree 120-150cm

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One of the rarest and darkest varieties of Magnolia available at present, this magnificent Magnolia Black Tulip tree is truly a sight to behold when in bloom. The deep burgundy-purple flowers closely resemble tulips and can grow large, very large, up to 15cm across. They cover the entire plant on slender stems in early Spring, before the large, ovate leaves emerge. As an added bonus, 'Black Tulip' will often produce a second flush of flowers during Summer once the foliage has grown.

To summarise, Magnolia Black Tulip is quite simply one of the most spectacular tulip trees that you will ever own and grow. It is sure to reward you for years to come with it's gorgeous blooms and impress all who are privileged enough to see it.

This Magnolia looks fantastic as a feature plant in a Spring border, one of our strong specimens will grow away well, and be sure to bring any garden to life! Best planted in a well-drained position that is sheltered from the strongest winds. 

Supplied fresh from our cold store as a bare root tree with an overall height of around 120-150cms (circa 4-5ft tall), these are perfect to plant and establish this summer, and great value. Usually, you'd find specimens like this potted in garden centres for between £80 and £150 each!