Magnolia Genie - Amazing Purple Black Magnolia - Giant Flowered Black Tulip - LARGE SPECIMEN

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Quite possibly the darkest Magnolia yet!

Deep purple-black flowers

Compact, neat plants

Fully hardy and easy to grow

Masses of huge lightly fragranced flowers

Giant blooms up to 15cms (6inches) across

Flowers in Spring, and re-blooms in summer

A fantastic new Magnolia with flowers that are said to be even darker than Magnolia Black Tulip when in bud. Even young plants flower at a very young age with the deep dark coloured buds opening to an exquisite burgundy-red. The result of 15 years breeding work in New Zealand, you'll marvel as this Genie puts on a show in your garden, reaching up to 3m tall and 1.5m wide over 10 years, it is nice and compact - and easier to keep smaller, so perfect for the average sized garden.

Highly recommended, this Magnolia will stop people in its tracks as each fat black-red bud slowly unfurls into a large glowing goblet-shaped bloom of rich ruby-red, shaded with deepest purple. Every flower is huge in size - with a diameter of up to 15cms (6inches). Fully hardy and easy to grow, the main mass flowering will occur April - June, with some plants rewarding with a further flush of flowers in late summer. As an added bonus, these are also lightly fragranced. Supplied in approx. 15-20 litre container.