Magnolia Gold Star - LARGE

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Magnolias really are tree royalty and this one no different. They announce the end of the winter with their blooms and deserve a focal point in any garden.

Gold Star reaches eight meters in height and four in spread. Stunning creamy yellow flowers up to ten centimetres in size occupy the branch tips in early to mid-spring prior to the leaves breaking out.

Magnolias prefer a clay to loam soil but will also grow in sandy conditions. They are happy in either sun or partial shade but keep out of cold winds, preferably planting in a south or west facing aspect.

Magnolias are great for autumn colour and are quite low maintenance plants once they are established. Water well in its first season and it will enjoy a good compost mulch in spring. Prune out any dead or damaged shoots.

A plan that should rise out of lower growing plans to really show off its beautiful spring flowers, centre of a cottage or mixed border or in a bed featured in a lawn area.

Supplied in an approx.. 7.5 litre nursery container.