Magnolia hybrida George Henry Kern - Soft Pink Magnolia Tulip Tree

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This is a fantastic early Spring blooming shrub worthy of a place in any garden.

Magnolia George Henry Kern is a very special form of magnolia being a hybrid between the more well know 'Stellata' and a Liliflora magnolia which bring the best of both.

Masses of flowers cover the shrub in Spring like a stellata Magnolia, but they are also large blooms like a liliflora type and in a lovely colour. It is compact growing too, so easy to manage for the smaller garden reaching just 6ft in around 10 years in the average garden - which makes it great for patio growing if you want some thing a little different in your planters.

Loved the world over, Magnolias are know for their magnificent fragrant blossoms, and George Henry Kern is no exception with its soft pink blossoms.

Magnolias are indigenous across the USA and Asia, and are a highly important tree in both Japanese and Chinese culture, the Chinese are known to have cultivated the Magnolia since the 7th century. In the USA, the Magnolia has been the official state flower of Louisiana since 1900 and Mississippi is known as the 'Magnolia State'. In Europe they died out in the ice age, but are making a come back in peoples gardens - and it is easy to see why with their beautiful looks and easy going nature.

They will thrive in most soils and positions from full sun to partial shade.

This plant is currently in an approx. 2-3 litre container. Plants are in bud in season, poised to burst in to leaf with flowers coming in abundance from next Spring.

Our usual high quality of plant, not a bare-root like competitors, but in a pot and up to 40-60cms tall, with a 5 year guarantee supplied.

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