Malus Evereste - Crabapple

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If you love the look of crabapple trees but don’t have loads of space, Malus ‘Everest’ is perfect for you. It stays relatively small, growing up to 4-8 metres in height. It adds some beautiful autumn colour to your garden, with fruits in the autumn maturing into a lovely mix or orange, red and yellow.

Malus ‘Everest’ will grow happily in any type of soil but prefers it to be moist and well-drained. It loves full sun and will also tolerate partial shade. It will also appreciate some light pruning in winter or early spring. Watering in its first season will ensure this trees establishment as well as mulching each spring with a decent compost. Prune out any dead or damaged wood prior to the spring season to keep your tree looking great.

Supplied in approx. 2 litre containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 17.99, today just 7.99 - Save £10!

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