Dwarf Musa Banana Plant - Perfect for indoors or outdoors
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Dwarf Musa Banana Plant - Perfect for indoors or outdoors

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This is the banana (Musa) variety grown across the world to produce the fruit found in the shops, it is a first rate plant for creating a tropical foliage effect in any garden or indoors, and may even produce small bananas!

Fast growing and displaying large bright green leaves, these are great architectural plants for creating an impact, perfect if you are looking to create a tropical atmosphere in the summer garden or indoors perhaps. They can be planted in pots or in the ground, which ever you desire, plus they are very easy to care for.

A tender perennial, so best protected over winter, the thick, paddle shaped leaves will spread gloriously in summer, brilliant in borders and perfect if planted into a large pot on the patio. Grown in a brightly lit position indoors for a first rate houseplant, they will be happy in full sun or partial shade out doors.

Supplied in approx 1 litre containers at around 25-40cms tall, they are very fast growing, and can reach up to two metre in height in just a single summer with lashings of feed and water.