Nandina domestica Obsessed - Heavenly Bamboo - Large Specimen

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Nandina Obsessed is a fantastic form of Sacred Bamboo, a compact evergreen shrub grown for it's attractive fiery red foliage. Emerging in Spring in the brightest most vibrant shade, it will fade to green as it ages whilst producing more new red leaves. In the autumn and winter, the entire plant can flush bright bronze-red as temperatures fall.

In summer conical clusters of pretty white flowers appear, adding to the appeal of this wonderful evergreen plant. Perfect for patio planters, it will provide year-round garden interest and colour.

A real show stopper for autumn and winter with glorious colour to the attractive evergreen foliage, Nandina is a shrub that makes a superb stand alone specimen on it's own or grouped with other plants, perhaps even in a container on the patio. Also known as Heavenly Bamboo, in the Autumn, the foliage turns to bright shades of red, providing a spectacular appearance all winter. Supplied in approx 10 litre containers.