Osteospermum Daisy - Pink & Gold

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Osteospermum 'Pink & Gold' dazzles with its distinctive bicolor petals, which combine a vibrant blue centre with gentle pink colours and golden yellow tips. From late spring through October, this striking display of colour gives garden beds, borders, and containers a dynamic touch. This cultivar, which can grow up to 30 cm tall, spreads well and provides a rich, colourful ground cover or focal point.

Osteospermum 'Pink & Gold' thrives in full light, but it also needs frequent watering, especially in dry spells. It enjoys well-drained soil. It requires very little upkeep—only the infrequent removal of deadheads to encourage additional flowering and prolong its colourful show all season long.


Supplied in approx. 9cm pot.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually £3.99, today tust £1.99 - Save £2

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