Paeonia lactiflora Henry Bockstoce - Peony

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This spectacular Peony is regarded as one of the best red double peonies there is. Grow Peony ‘Henry Bockstoce’ if you want to make a statement with enormous, double, rich red flowers, up to 20cm (8 inches wide). Packed with rounded petals, the blooms exhibit an elegant rose centre and open between late spring and early summer. This is a compact, herbaceous perennial with beautiful dark green foliage that is tinged red in spring and contrasts amazingly against the vibrant blooms. It will provide your garden with great spring and summer colour.

Make sure to plant this Peony in a bright area as it grows best in full sun or partial shade. It can thrive in any type of soil as long as it is moist but well drained and should ideally be sheltered from cold winds. 

Supplied in and approx 5 litre containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 24.97, today just 12.97 - Save £12!

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