Pair of Corkscrew Standard Lollipop Spiral Bay Trees - Laurus nobilis Twisted - circa 90cm

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This is a twist on a classic garden plant and if you're having a party, you'll want to get a pair of these in position before all the guests arrive, and make an impressive entrance to your home. The Bay is a very versatile plant and these have been cleverly pruned to make focal features in a garden setting, evergreen by nature, the leaves have a classic mid to dark green sheen and are narrowly ovate. To pinch one between your fingers reveals their famous aromatic qualities. The stems that reach up to the foliage are spiralled in training, literally giving these plants an unusual twist.

Keep these plants watered during dry periods and pot them on into a decent potting compost in late winter early spring. A liquid feed af Seaweed extract is highly beneficial in spring and early summer as is a light mulch of an organic material such as worm cast. gently clip the Bay to its twisted shape with sharp scissors or shears after the danger of frosts has passed and again later in the summer. 

Attractive Bay Tree standards can be paraded formally in pairs beside a doorway or next to a flight of steps. This special corkscrew trunk form adds a really unusual extra dimension to your display.  Alternatively use these swanky lollipop trees on their own to create stylish focal points around the garden or in containers on a patio or terrace. Do remember of course to always keep them within easy reach of the kitchen door for your own supply of fresh bay leaves to flavour your  home cooking!

Two Standard Large Corkscrew Bay Trees, supplied as a bushy lollipop head on an approx. 50-60cm stem. Overall height approx. 90cm. Please note planters pictured are not included.

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