Evergreen Viburnum tinus - Laurustinus Hedging - Pack of TEN

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Flattened heads of white flowers from December to April, followed by dark blue-black fruit. This lovely, long-flowering plant is perfect for brightening partly shady areas when little else is in flower. Reliable and easy-to-grow, the dark green foliage provides a dense backdrop against which ornamental or feature plants can more easily be seen.

Viburnum tinus is a truly striking hedge plant that makes a wonderful decorative hedge, as it brings interest throughout the year as an informal boundary hedge.

This vigorous, bushy shrub has glossy, oval-shaped leaves that contrasts with its elegant pink buds, before they blossom into fragrant white flowers from late winter through to early spring. The flowers of the Viburnum tinus then transform into lovely blue-black berries - please note that although not toxic, we advise against eating these berries.

Growing approximately 45cm per year when young, the growth of Viburnum tinus does start to slow down as it matures, but it can reach up to 4m in height. Viburnum tinus is easy to grow - it can grow in partial or even full shade, but natural sunlight is best to allow it to flower. Ideally, Viburnum tinus should be grown in clay or moist soils but can still grow well in all but the driest or most alkaline of soils. This hardy shrub can also tolerate windy, exposed sites and even coastal locations.

Bushy 30-40cm+ plants in bud/flower depending on season, supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers. Pack of TEN.