PAIR of Giant Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm - LARGE 6ft PATIO PALM TREES 150-200cms

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A Pair of Palms - yes that's right 2 - for a great value price.

'Totally Tropical', this striking, winter-hardy 'architectural' palm makes a superb feature and will add a sunny 'desert island' feel to your patio for years to come!

This is a great time to add drama to your garden and bring in a Mediterranean flavour with one of our large palms, supplied nice and strong in containers with a total height of around 150-200cms (6ft) tall.

Amazing but true, 'Phoenix Canariensis' will be perfectly at home in our climate and will quite happily cope with temperatures as low as -6 degrees C.

Often seen in the Canary Islands and mainland Spain, with its wonderful deep green, leaves wafting in the sea breeze, the Canary Island Date Palm is a truly magical exotic that will look just as spectacular on your patio in a pot or planted into your garden.

Surprisingly fast growing, your palm will form an attractive, thick trunk as it matures and produce bunches of attractive, cream, bowl shaped flowers followed by small black fruits.

Lush, exotic, tactile and incredibly easy to grow

Will survive and flourish in the UK climate down to -6 degrees C

Specially selected for its fascinating foliage and bold shape

Will create INSTANT IMPACT on your Patio or Balcony

Your Palms will be supplied in containers fully established at up to around 150-200cms (6ft) high, position and enjoy.

Customer comments:

"Our Canary Date Palm arrived this afternoon and exceeded all expectations - we're so pleased with it! Many thanks to you at Gardening Express - we'll be ordering from you again soon. "