Patio Fruit Tree - Compact Apple 'Braeburn' Tree

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Being able to grow and pick your own fruit at home is both a pleasure and a luxury but it doesn't have to be difficult! These patio Braeburn apple trees are potted so they can grace your patio with beautiful foliage and delicious apples with minimal hassle. They have a neat and tidy growing habit and won't grow any taller than approx 1.5 metres.

Patio Apple Trees produce a lovely blossom in spring followed by the vibrant colours of the fruit itself for creating great interest on your patio. The Braeburn apple variety is hugely popular for its flavour, found in all the supermarkets - perfect for your fruit bowl at home or a lunch box!

Full sun in a south-facing position is desirable for growing fruit and will encourage a more abundant crop, but other positions will also be fine. This patio fruit tree is grafted on a special root stock to give a maximum mature height of approx 1.2-1.5 metres, is self pollinating and is supplied in an approx 5 litre containers.