SUPER FRUIT - Physalis peruviana - Inca Berry or Cape Gooseberry

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Originating from Peru, Physalis peruviana became commonly known as the Cape Gooseberry due to its rise in popularity and cultivation in South Africa in the 1800's. It is now known under a variety of names - Physalis, Golden Berry, Giant Ground Cherry, Inca Berry, Peruvian Cherry - the list is almost endless, but none do true justice to the lovely fruit.

Following pretty yellow flowers with a chocolate blotch centre, the bright orange yellow fruits are produced - not that you would know as each is formed within a delicate 'Chinese Lantern' papery pod. Whilst the papery pods make the fruit extremely decorative (and so a popular exotic garnish for restaurant desserts) the husk actually serves a more important purpose in that picked fruit left within the husk will have a 'shelf life' of a month or more at room temperature.

With a gorgeously sweet flavour these are perfect for eating raw and are great in fruit salads; in some parts of the world they are often served with Avocado. They are also wonderful for making pies or jam with.

We've done some further research on these recently, and it seems they are true Superfruit, there's loads of research going on in to them at the moment, but word is that as well as being very tasty, they help maintain a healthy immune system and encourage wound healing, can help can help fight inflammatory conditions and may also play a role in the prevention and treatment of cancer! Obviously, we can not make any specific medical claims here, but this is certainly worth looking in to.

Supplied in approx. 1 litre containers covered with fruit and flowers in season.