Pieris japonica Ralto ROSE - PINK FROST - New & Exclusive Evergreen Lily of the Valley Shrub

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This fantastic New and Exclusive shrub can hold its own, even without its beautiful blooms.

The evergreen growth is bushy and neatly branched, producing a plant that is a mass of dense glossy green leaves that sparkle with creamy-white edges. After the harshness of winter, each and every spring, the next surprise comes with an explosion of colour in the form of pendent clusters of soft-pink blooms welcoming the longer days and warmth of that Spring time brings.

Bring beauty to your garden all year round with this new and exclusive evergreen Pieris by planting in beds, borders or patio planters nearer the home. It is perfect amongst other plants, such as Nepeta, Alliums, Salvias, Sedums and Geraniums, where it?s structure and subtle shades through the year will also compliment them when at their peak. Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.