Premier Hosta Collection Shade Mixture - Pack of Ten

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Our Premier Hosta collection is great for brightening up your garden borders and patio with an amazing array of bold colours and foliage with superb markings.


They thrive in sun, partial shade and even beneath trees and shrubs. Planted 1m apart, they act as effective ground cover. You can also plant these Hostas individually in patio containers.


Spectacular when mature, when it comes to beautiful foliage, Hosta are amongst the best perennials. They grow virtually anywhere, look fantastic in borders or by ponds, but are particularly effective in containers, as an added bonus they produce attractive, some times fragrant, flowers in summer. Amongst one of the best foliage plants Hosta are deservedly popular, they are easy to grow and are low maintenance.


The Hosta also known as Plantain lily has a tropical look, but are rugged and once established will grow for years. Plante en-mass, they are perfect for creating a colourful carpet of ground hugging foliage. Pack of 10 assorted bare root plants supplied in a minimum of 4 varieties, selected from a wide range such as:


Hosta undulata Albomarginata
Hosta sieboldiana Elegans
Hosta sieboldiana Frances Williams
Hosta fortunei Aureomarginata
Hosta Shade Fanfare
Hosta Janet
Hosta Halcyon
Hosta Guacamole
Hosta First Frost
Hosta Bressingham Blue
Hosta June
Hosta Fire & Ice