Quince Tree - 5-6ft Cydonia oblonga Gigante de Vranja

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Hard to find, and much famed Quinces are great to grow at home. With a really fine flavour, full of rich aromas and fragrance this is perfect for making puddings, jellies or jam. Vranja is a very popular variety that originated in Serbia, making it extremely tough and hardy. It will however fruit best in milder areas of the country or perhaps when grown against a south or west facing wall. In Spring, you get the bonus of a wonderful display of pink-white flowers.

The RHS have awarded this variety their prestigious garden merit accolade as a sign of its ease of growth at home. Harvest the large fruit in late October-November. Our trees are grafted on Quince A root-stock to produce a maximum sized, high yielding tree of up to 4m x 4m if left un-pruned. Self Fertile, you don't need multiple trees to ensure pollination and fruit. Supplied as a well established 5-6ft bare rooted tree