Rose Alberic Barbier - Rambling Rose

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Alberic Barbier is a real good doer of a rose, it's been around forever and stood the test of time. It produces small, elegant sprays of fully double, lightly scented creamy-white flowers in early summer, followed by later flushes a few weeks after. Attractive glossy, dark-green leaves really set the blooms of rambling Alberic Barbier off a treat, they seem to glow amongst the foliage, and provide an irrestible allure to give them a sniff. The foliage of this vigorous, rambling rose is virtually evergreen too, making it ideal for covering unsightly buildings or walls, planted in a row and trimmed annually it will also make a fantastic impenetrable sprawling hedge, and it is happy to grow in sun or partial shade. Supplied in approx 5 litre containers.