Rare Stingray Plant - Alocasia - Elephant Ears

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Alocasia Stingray is a new, rare form of tropical Elephant Ears that boast immense, spectacular foliage for planting in full sun to partial shade outdoors on the patio or in garden borders for the summer, or indoors all year round where the lush foliage will help to cleanse and purify your air.

Our large Stingray Plant adds an exotic touch where ever your choose to position it.

Rare, yet bang on-trend as a houseplant it features upright, wing-shaped leaves with a long pointed tail - hence the name Stingray.

They are a wonderful addition to any room in the home and are very easy to care for as a houseplant, be it in a hall, bedroom, living room or perhaps even in the bathroom.

In summer why not move out in to the landscape planted in large containers, adding a touch of the tropics to your garden.

These are greedy plants and will produce the lushest of leaves if fed regularly. Easy and adaptable Stingray grows best in full sun or dappled shade to a height of around 1-1.5metres.

Large Strong plants supplied in approx. 2 litre containers.