Red Jack Rhododendron Patio Tree circa 50-60cm

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‘Red Jack’ is an amazing versatile tree providing your garden with bright spring and summer colour. Its funnel-shaped bright red flowers bloom abundantly in large clusters from late spring to early summer displaying vibrant seasonal colour. These Rhododendrons have an attractive, neat shape forming a columnar small tree and its amazing deep green foliage remain all year round, adding structure and colour during winter. Rarely seen in tree form like this, they are ideal for container planting on a patio or balcony but work just as well in mixed border planting. Low maintenance and long lasting this tree is perfect to provide year-round interest. 

Like other Rhododendrons ‘Red Jack’ prefers slightly acidic soil and favours a moist but well-drained area. It can thrive in both exposed and sheltered gardens and likes partial shade. 

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.