Rhododendron Extra Large Red Jack Specimen Tree

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Rhododendron Red Jack is a wonderful evergreen shrub. But don't just take our word for it, one of the pictures we use is of a plant as supplied just prior to planting in one of our customers gardens!

Large, conical clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers are borne in late Spring. They form very large flowerheads, the blooms are a bright, bold red and the combination makes this Rhododendron highly attractive and eye catching! Standing out well against the dark-green foliage, this plant can be pruned into a small tree as pictured. Or can be grown into a medium sized shrub that will provide superb, evergreen structure to your garden.

This plant will look similar to a standard tree, with a long stem and a bushy head of foliage and flowers. When it blooms, it is a real sight to behold. Keep moist, but well-drained and this Rhododendron 'Red Jack' will reward you with bright colour every spring. It will be very happy in a position that offers dappled shade if you have one.

Suitable for a large container on your patio, or planted in your garden, this rhododendron will fit in with a range of planting schemes.

Strong, very large plants around 140-160cms tall, with flowers in season, in approx 7.5-10 litre containers.

Check out the size and quality of these trees in the photo with Charlotte, taken 26th May 2016, this listing is for the same trees, so you can expect a similar display this year!