Rhododendron ponticum Impeditum

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Rhododendron impeditum is a mounding or cushion-shaped dwarf rhododendron with tiny leaves as well as small stature. A mature specimen is a foot tall & as much as two feet wide.

A great many of the species rhodies from Yunnan China have violet to purple flowers, but this one is a stand-out even though within the common colour range, both for its aromatic silvery grey-green leaves, & for a more intense purple than is typical of the other Yunnan species. It can be so flowery that the shrub becomes a pure mound of purple for at least THREE weeks around April or May.

In your garden it will become a tough low-maintenance little shrub, flowering profusely for spring, & its wee greyish-green leaves turning mahogany or plum coloured for winter. Many specimens will occasionally produce a few out-of-season flowers, even in autumn or winter.

Supplied in approx 2 litre containers at around 20-30cms tall and 40cms wide, very bushy plants in bud/flower in season.

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